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Overview If you have hepatitis C, it can affect your life in a number of ways. This includes getting back on the social scene. Meeting new people can be tough. Keep reading to learn more about how to navigate the dating scene when you have HCV. About hepatitis C HCV causes an infection in your liver. This infection leads to inflammation in the early phases and ultimately to liver damage.

Hepatitis C

And I happen to believe they should test everyone. But thats my opinion. My feeling on all this is that people can easily see when their doctor is SO wrong and they have no problem in saying he doesn’t know what he is talking about when it suits them,, but condoms – I understand, I hate them, but I love my husband and I wouldn’t want to put him at risk now knowing I am infected. I personally believe that he and others that have spouses that are HCV positive do have under the radar virons- my opinion.

I would hope I am wrong but I don’t believe I am wrong in this case. Of course many would disagree and they have that right – same as I have a right to say what I say – not as fact, but opinion.

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Besides, my doctor told me I had a genetic marker stating curing was favorable. I am dating a new guy, and we want to do it bareback. I need some feedback about this. Taylor I am glad that your hep C treatment is going well. If you can try to complete the treatment for your best chance of cure. The safest thing to do is to wait to be sure you are cured. This will take some time, as this means your hep C should be undetectable 3 months AFTER the treatment has ended until recently we waited 6 months from the end of treatment to consider someone cured, as a rare few relapsed between months There can be hep C virus in the genital tract for example in semen and we cannot say for certain that nondetectable levels thus far in the blood correlate with nondetectable levels in the genital tract.

Remember also if you achieve a cure, you can catch hep C again. Oral sex should not spread hep C unless there is bleeding but can lead us to catch other sexually transmitted infections. Return to our full listing of answers to patients’ frequently asked questions regarding hepatitis C transmission, testing, management and treatment.

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These two factors are not mutually exclusive, however. With the advent of PrEP and increasing awareness of the power of antiretroviral ARV treatment to all but eliminate the risk of HIV transmission among those living with the virus, the age-old tendency toward sexual segregation based on HIV status among MSM has been on the decline. They examined both HCV antibody test results a positive result indicates that someone has been exposed to the virus and HCV RNA test results a positive result confirms a chronic infection.

Someone who tests positive for HCV antibodies but negative for RNA likely has cleared the infection spontaneously or has been cured of the virus thanks to effective treatment. A total of 18 4. Those who tested positive for HCV antibodies , compared with those who tested negative, were more likely to be younger a median age of 33 versus 40 , report being diagnosed with rectal or urethral chlamydia, gonorrhea or syphilis during the previous three months

Home* Booklet Only having sex with same-status partners is an HIV prevention strategy for 40% of gay men. NEW YORK STATE DEPT PrEP AND HEP-C. RESOURCES 10 TIPS FOR HIV+ NETWORKS.

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Print this page Learn how likely it is to sexually transmit the Hepatitis C virus, as well as what are considered to be high risk sexual transmission factors. Creating confusion and instilling mystery, conflicting reports about whether this virus is contracted sexually continues to circulate throughout our society. Although not exclusively considered a sexually transmitted disease, the Hepatitis C virus HCV has the potential to be spread through sexual contact.

Since newly infected individuals rarely demonstrate specific symptoms, Hepatitis C infection is typically detected by routine blood tests. As such, more and more people are surprised to learn that they have been living with this infection, likely for a long time.

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December 28, at 3: If you are already infected with hepatitis B and test positive for the hepatitis B surface antigen HBsAg , then the vaccine will not help you. The vaccine contains only HBsAg, which is the viral protein that covers the surface of the virus. Because you already have HBsAg in your body if you are infected, adding more HBsAg will not make your immune system get rid of the infection any faster. March 1, at 1: Is there any way to get the third dose sooner than 6 months?

The accelerated vaccination schedule calls for vaccine doses administered at days 0, 7, and 21—30; a booster should be administered at 12 months to promote long-term immunity. A combined hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccine can also be used on the same 3-dose schedule 0, 7, and 21—30 days , with a booster at 12 months. April 14, at 2: I have recently had another blood test to check immunity and it has now dropped to zero?

Do I need to have the full course again or just require a booster? And have I been at risk of infection due to my level of immunity dropping from 52 to 0?

Lesbian and Bisexual Women

You can visit his blog at RooshV. This policy has presumably come about because HIV prevention education has not gotten through to homosexual men who continue to practice unsafe anal sex with dozens of new partners a year. This has hastened the global spread of the virus.

HIV-infected men going bareback with someone with hep C is a VERY EFFICIENT way to catch hep C again — with re-infection rates in Europe being reported between 25%% of HIV-infected gay men and other men who have sex with men, in some settings.

Many Americans have misconceptions about the way Hepatitis C is transmitted. Once diagnosed with the virus, most affected people diligently study how the disease is spread, and how they likely acquired it. However, a person without firsthand experience with Hepatitis C may mistakenly assume it can be transmitted through sharing a glass of water or even from being coughed or sneezed on by an infected person.

Until all reaches of society learn the facts about this virus, inaccurate stereotypes fueled by fear will persist. Educating yourself and others will break down the stigma associated with Hepatitis C. Many communities have Hepatitis C task forces to promote community awareness. Getting involved with Hepatitis C informational training sessions targeting local schools, hospitals, drug treatment programs, government agencies and similar community organizations will fill replace fear with knowledge, helping to remove the negative perspectives about this disease.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. Some questions to ask in uncovering this include:

HIV & AIDS Information :: Hepatitis A outbreak in gay and bisexual men in Europe is growing

Hiv positive and want to find your life for gay dating website for hiv and preventing transmission of dating sites for people. So as the date progressed I dropped the fact I had HIV into the conversation HIV-positive gay men deal with stigma in many areas of their everyday lives. Hiv positive gay dating uk Hiv positive gay dating uk For more information on HIV and quality of life go to i-base. Using condoms Getting screened regularly to ensure early identification and treatment at least annually, or every three months if having condomless sex with new or casual partners Reducing the number of sexual partners Hepatitis C The Http: If you are injecting drugs you should use new hiv positive gay dating uk and dispose of it safely to avoid catching hep C or passing it on.

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At Hep C Match you will find Hepatitis C Support from other members and potential dates (or mates) you will meet through this Hep C Dating website. Dating today is tough. Dating .

What is hepatitis C? Hepatitis C is a liver disease caused by the hepatitis C virus. This virus is carried in the blood, infects liver cells and causes liver damage inflammation, scarring, fibrosis and sometimes cirrhosis , which can result in sickness and death. There is no vaccine for hepatitis C, but treatment exists that can clear the virus from the body in about half the people who try it. Because the body does not develop immunity against the virus, it is possible for a person who has been successfully treated for hepatitis C to be re-infected, with either the same strain or a different strain of HCV.

Each infection makes the other one worse. Consequently, co-infected people may develop liver cirrhosis serious scarring and liver failure more quickly.

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You might like tossing their salad, but take caution. By David Artavia December 24 8: Or a kinky way of using dressing? But I was wrong, thank God.

Hep C Dating Welcome to the word’s first, largest and most effective dating site dedicated to singles with hep C. Dating itself is tough today,Dating with Hepatitis C is even is not easy to tell other singles that you have Hep will their reaction be?

The age-old binary relationship between the top and the bottom is as simple as it is complex. In any sexual encounter, gay, straight or otherwise, one person typically assumes the dominant role while the other takes on a submissive role. But while tops and bottoms are equal their differing roles do come with different health issues and responsibilities that every gay and bisexual man should be well informed about, regardless of sexual position.

All STIs are bad for your health. However, they are not all created equally. In general, condoms do protect against STIs that are spread through body fluids semen, blood and anal or vaginal fluids. STIs that spread through skin-to-skin contact Herpes, HPV can still spread with condom use, especially if either partner has any open sores or lesions. The insertive partner in same-sex anal sex with cisgender gay men biological men who identify as men or transgender gay men, or frontal, vaginal sex with transgender gay men.

There is nothing like a good top.

“Ask the Experts”: How Long Does It Take to Be Cured of Hepatitis C

Outbreaks of new HCV infections attributable to sexual transmission have been reported among gay men in a growing list of locations including London, Paris, the Netherlands, Australia and North America. There is also evidence that HCV is being transmitted internationally through male-male sexual contact. Factors associated with sexual transmission of HCV between men include the presence of other sexually transmitted infections STIs such as syphilis or gonorrhoea, ‘rough’ anal sex particularly fisting associated with anal trauma and bleeding, and sometimes recent snorting of drugs which could involve sharing paraphernalia for nasal drug use, a known factor in HCV transmission.

Fisting has repeatedly been identified as a risk factor. While the exact route of infection is not yet clear, the virus appears to be transmitted mainly through blood rather than semen.

Gay HIV Dating Site is a special gay & positive singles dating website which focus on helping all HIV positive gay men, gay daddies, dudes and guys who are living with HIV and looking to meet local men for gay arrangement, gay love and marriage.

Although the underlying ideas and messages in this article remain relevant, much HIV prevention research has been published since , notably about there being effectively no risk of transmitting the virus if you are HIV positive and undetectable a. Can you get HIV from oral sex? Americans really want to know their HIV risk during fellatio—even more so than during anal sex. Sure, you can Google the subject, but the results may further confuse and scare you.

Numbers seem less abstract, more specific. But do they give us a better understanding of HIV risk and sexual health? Probabilities of HIV transmission per exposure to the virus are usually expressed in percentages or as odds see chart at the end of this article. For example, the average risk of contracting HIV through sharing a needle one time with an HIV-positive drug user is 0. The risk from giving a blowjob to an HIV-positive man not on treatment is at most 1 in 2, or 0. The risk of contracting HIV during vaginal penetration, for a woman in the United States, is 1 per 1, exposures or 0.

As for anal sex, the most risky sex act in terms of HIV transmission, if an HIV-negative top—the insertive partner—and an HIV-positive bottom have unprotected sex, the chances of the top contracting the virus from a single encounter are 1 in or 0. Specifically, it is 1.

New boyfriend had hep B, is it safe to have sex

ECDC says that almost cases of hepatitis A have been identified as linked, in three outbreaks, predominantly in men who have sex with men. A further cases are still being investigated and ten countries have reported an increase in cases compared with Public authorities in France, Portugal and the United Kingdom have already issued warnings about the hepatitis A outbreak to gay men, recommending that gay men get vaccinated.

May 24,  · I know there was a recent study that came out that monitored Hep C +/- couples for 10 years. Around 3% became Hep C positive but that could have been other factors and I don’t think gay couples were profiled in the study. Has the guy you are dating done any kind of anti viral therapy for his Hep C?

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Do gay and bi men need a hep A vaccine?